25 September 2006

Pegasus takes distribution award at WTA

Pegasus Solutions has announced it was named "World's Leading Travel Distribution Service" at the 13th annual World Travel Awards.

The award, presented to Pegasus Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, John Davis III, was voted on by 167,000 travel professionals worldwide, including 110,000 travel agents.

"It is an honor to be recognized as the leader in distribution services by the World Travel Awards," said Davis. "Distribution services represent the foundation of what Pegasus was built on and we are extremely proud of all we have accomplished and the innovation we continue to bring to the travel industry."

Pegasus has been recognized as a pioneer in distribution services since it developed the universal electronic reservations switch in the early 1990's. The switch allows for instant connections to GDSs and the Internet giving travel agents the ability to tap into new distribution channels and customers instant access across the globe. Today, Pegasus' distribution services customers include 35 hotel companies with more than 130 hotel brands representing more than 60,000 properties worldwide.

Source: Breaking Travel News

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