27 December 2006

Back from Hibernation…

Hi Readers,

It has been a quit a while since I updated my blog. Primarily there has been a sea change in my current schedule and responsibilities – to set things in the right perspective this time around, I have silently made an oath that I would have to juggle with how things have been presented and continue to get the maximum out of both worlds.

It is interesting to note huge dynamism in the Travel Domain and in a short span of 2 - 3 months that I had not been blogging - there have been drastic changes that promise to change the direction in which the industry is heading too. There have been New Portals Players and Umpteen numbers of enhanced service providers. Notably there is also the news of Big Acqusitions [
Sabre for 5Billion by Texas Pacific Group & Silverlake Partners and Worldspan for $1.4 billion acquisition of Worldspan by Travelport] and New Technologies coming to the fore.

I would definitely be tracking all the happenings and make my blog an interesting one, happy reading and look forward to your valuable feedback


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