15 May 2007

Myself & More Thoughts on Travel 3.0

It has been a changing week with Thomson agreeing to buy Reuters for $17 Billion. Now the focus has turned and all eyes are closely watching the battle for the control of Dow Jones by News Corp.

Also to be heard in the technology news section was that Joost had successfully raised more than $45 Million in a recent round of funding for its expansion plans.....

In midst of all the interesting happenings of a typical day - fate had a mega play of its own scripted for its very own hapless creatures, I was the victim this time for the deadly
varicella-zoster virus (VZV), also known as human herpes virus 3 (HHV-3), one of the eight herpes viruses known to affect humans.

Guys - yes, I was down with
Chickenpox for nearly two weeks. I had to undergo this grueling first hand experience literally a rebirth as an adult, because as a kid I was never exposed to the virus. I had time on hand, but really couldn't do much apart from taking a much deserved full time rest.

I had full blown pocks the size of 25ps coins everywhere imaginable on my body. I, couldn't talk or swallow for a couple of days with body temperatures threatening to get out of control I was like Mt.Vesuvius, ready to erupt in Bangalore. I though that my skull would get unhinged to let go of the steam - Phew!!!

After all that, now relaxing on my soft bed of Neem Leaves, yes you heard me right - Neem is said to be the only panacea!!!! I thought that, at least let me respond to Matt from whom I got an E-Mail, Matt said that he visits my blog on travel technologies regularly and He wanted me to know about a new “Travel 3.0” site –
eTripBuilder.com. I personally felt that the "attraction feature" on the site needs some more attention/attraction. I was unable to figure out a single location through this channel :-( I guess it must still be in a beta phase. I do not want to make this as a review column.

eTripBuilder.com presents a solution that satisfies both the needs of the recreational and corporate traveler by transforming the way they schedule, purchase, and manage all their travel related services. I did log onto the site and was impressed with the user-intuitive features and the eye for detail & the best part is that its absolutely Free!!!

Over the couple of days I got time to go through some awesome articles from Sarman Mitra. The one on "Travel & Web 3.0: Overview". His insights into Web 3.0 through this article “Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS)”are very articulate and worth a read. I also had a look at another interesting read about Search Engines on the Read/WriteWeb by Nitin discussing the "Top 17 Search Innovations Outside Of Google” which addressed most of the frequently asked questions on Why, How, What and When??

Hopefully by this week-end I would be feeling much better and look forrward to get ot office the coming Monday.

Adios till the next time :-)


Zanne said...

Just happened upon your blog jot.
Would've commented on a host of other stuff, but the 25p sized pocks blotted all such aspirations out!
I do hope you are over the darn virus, or that it is over you, real soon...

Narayana.D said...

Thank you mate - I need to be over this by Monday earliest :)

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