19 September 2006

Travelistic - A Peek into Social Travel Video Site

Voila!!! With the introduction of an exciting new project called Travelistic you can find travel specific videos.

I got an invite through Travelistic to review this exciting project, which is currently a beta version, and allows travellers to upload their video, add tags so that visitors can find videos quickly, identify the location of the video which appears on a Google Map.

Visitors can add comments, and also add the video on their own website – not only can you search by tag, but you can also search for videos by location, which is a very handy feature if your looking for a video on a specific destination.

The video pictures are crisp, very good sound, and overall I was very impressed – what I would like to see is a rating system, and counter on the number of visits / or number of sites linking to the video.

Whilst it doesn’t offer anything different than YouTube, if your looking for travel specific videos, it would be my first port of call – I’d like to see some unique features added, but it has me hooked.

If you’d like to help beta test then visit www.travelistic.com

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